Home of Mayport Aluminium Systems

We have experienced a number of administrative issues over the past four to five weeks and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Due to major script errors on our site it was decided that a fully re-design would be undertaken and this may take a few weeks.

For immediate information on any systems please refer to www.metalplast stolarka.pl

Landline Number

Having recently moved from 7 Houston Place to temporary offices in the centre of Glasgow we have been informed recently that our new permanent facilities will not be available to us until September 2015.

Whilst this will cause some short-term inconveneinece we feel certain some short-term pain will give us some long-term stability in our new offices.

This means for the next few weeks we can be contacted on our landline number

0333 6000 015


Technical Enquiries07792 282 208

Sales 07792 282 206

Quotations07792 282 207

All Other Enquiries0333 6000 015